Nancy McGee Nancy , the founder of Absolutely, is  Canadian and has been living in the south of France for the past 30 years. She graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa and has held a number of positions in Corporate Event Management and Public Affairs acquiring in-depth knowledge of French lifestyle as well as extensive social and professional networking. Nancy is the President of a social network in southern France and participates in a number of fund raising events. She is also a member of the French Women Business Leader’s association and won the Local Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year  award in 2015.  Nancy has won Best Holiday Tours 2016 in Luxury Travel Guide.
Nancy loves to write about her food experiences in France. Have a look at her posts on the “Romance of Roquefort“, “Cheese Etiquette“, “Who’s got the World’s Best Oysters?” and more on Barefoot Bloggers special section. Absolutely Southern French Food and Etiquette.

Email: nancy@southernfranceluxury.com.