Travel with author Cheryl Alters Jamison on her “culinary” tours

Learn what Cheryl has to say about her travels with her food loving fans. Why do you like travelling with your readers? Of if your first trip, why do you want to travel with your readers ? I’ve been fortunate to travel to these destinations in France and Italy on many occasions on my own. […]

Travel with best selling author Patricia Sands on her “Memories” Tours

See what Patricia Sands has to say about her readers’ trips. Why do you like travelling with your readers? September 2024 will be my 9th trip with readers. The experience is satisfying on many levels. It is a pleasure to see readers excited to visit locations they have visited with characters in my novels. There […]

Travel with best selling author Steena Holmes on her “Sweet” Tours

woman pointing at pastries

Why do you like travelling with your readers? I love to create personable experiences with my readers and build lasting relationships with them. Why do your readers join you on these trips? My readers love to travel, but not everyone enjoys solo traveling. Those who join me on my Sweet Tours come for the friendships […]

Patron of the Arts

 “All the world’s a stage…a stage where everyone must play a part.”    William Shakespeare  Why is France the  most visited country in the world? For many it symbolises arts and culture, and no other country comes close. Size doesn’t matter, the wealth is shared from major cities to tiny villages!  Take the small town of […]

Travelling with the Stars

OUR 2023 TOUR COLLECTION WITH CELEBRITIES   There’s a wide world of travel out there but the majority of vacationers have narrowed it down to France –  especially Paris, Provence, the Côte d’Azur and Occitanie. Seduced by the region’s food, wine, history and culture, visitors return again and again. Our new collection of expert and […]

Magic Soap & Olive oil

Do you know why soap operas are so-called? Because afternoon radio and tv dramas were sponsored by soap manufacturers! Come to Provence instead – and watch something much more interesting! “Savon de Marseille” is a gentle artisanal olive oil based soap used to cleanse everything from fabrics to the face. But what is this “Magic […]


a group of women in front a blue shutters

I’m so proud to announce that Absolutely Southern France has been named Best Women’s Group Tour Operator 2022 in the south of France’ by EU Business News.  The prestigious award goes to those ‘who have shown true excellence in commitment, determination, and customer service more than ever over the past 12 months across Europe.’ It’s […]

It’s a Woman’s World : South of France Tours Exclusively for Women

black and white picture of women seated at a café in Paris

Recent surveys show that 64% of travellers are women and 36% of men. 80% of solo travelers also travel with other women : best friends, daughters , relatives, their favorite author, a famous chef, an influential blogger, a wine expert, … Who are these free-spirited women and what are their special needs?  Why women love […]

Our Bestsellers – Tours to the South of France

building in france with grey bricks and turquoise green shuttes and folliage

Travel with celebrities Don’t you just love a good bestseller? A page turner full of interesting people, fascinating places and a sprinkling of history and culture ? Me too! Creating a tour is much like plotting a novel. My setting: the South of France – from glamourous Nice to charming medieval towns and villages; main […]