Pack Your Bags!

It’s time to dust off your suitcase and to brush up your french. Travel to Provence, the Côte d’Azur and Occitanie is back on the horizon and Absolutely Southern France is celebrating by treating clients to an exciting new tour collection.

Have  your booked your flight?  


 As excited about food as I am? Our new Excited About Food tour with a celebrity chef should whet the appetite. For food lovers with a sweet tooth, how about a trip to Paris? Join author Steena Holmes on her Sweet Tour of Paris. Our Cultural immersion tour to Provence and the Cote d’Azur is a cultural feast as it traces the footsteps of the world’s greatest artists and writers. Can’t get enough of lavender?  Our Lavender and  a Dash of Italy tour even includes a side-trip to a buzzy Italian market. Also new, by popular demand, the staggeringly beautiful landscapes of the island of Corsica. Nothing exactly to your taste?  Absolutely Southern France specialises in tailoring tours to your specifications. That’s just for starters! All our tours are listed in detail on our newly designed website. We hope you like it as much as we do.


Lavender wands and perfumes from Grasse make special gifts – more so when you’ve learned to handcraft them yourself. Pamper yourself by creating your own signature scent in Grasse. Shaken but not stirred? Learn to mix a martini James Bond style from a professional mixologist – or cook like a Michelin star chef. Enjoy the thrill of a truffle hunt or the challenge of pétanque,   We have sourced and included these workshops  in our tour collection.   

Your well being is our main concern. That is why we personally visit each service provider in advance to ensure that your trip will be a safe and enjoyable experience.  Each tour will have a leader to keep an eye on things – and I’m excited that in many cases it will be me.