Travel with author Jules Larimore on the “history and heritage” tour of Languedoc, France

Why do you like travelling with your readers?

I value a personal connection with my readers, and in traveling with them, I can learn more about the types of settings, history, and characters that they enjoy. It gives me a chance to learn how reading my novels has enhanced their travel experience.

Why do your readers join you on these trips?

Individual travel, even with a travel guidebook, has its limitations when it comes to discovering hidden gems, off the beaten track locales, and little-known history. I hope readers will join me to learn the deeper history and secrets behind the Occitanie (Languedoc) locations and settings in my novels than they could learn on their own. Much of what I can share comes from researching obscure texts and making a personal connection with the local people.

What are some of the perks / advantages to travelling with you?

Learning about little-know history and natural wonders. Meet local people and learn about their culture and traditions. The potential to create a character (that could be based on themselves, if they choose) for a future novel or ask for a location to be included as a setting. Also, travel to some of the locations in the Cévennes mountains is far safer with an professional, experienced driver than attempting to drive it on your own.

Do the participants approach you for writer’s advice?

Yes. I’m most often asked about the research and publishing processes.

Are the participants sources of inspiration? If so, how?

Yes, they help me to create characters, or character reactions.

Do the participants ask you about your sources of inspiration?

Yes. They most often want to know more about the settings and the mystical elements and characters.

How do you interact with the participants? How do you make the trip special for them?

I travel with readers who are descendants of people from Occitanie, so I like to help them understand how their lineage ties in to the various historical figures and locations.

Do some of the participants join you on trips even if they haven’t read your books? If so, why?

As far as I know, most have read my book, The Muse of Freedom.

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Jacobins Monastery in Toulouse

Walled fortress city of Unesco heritage site Carcassonne where you’ll experience the world famous cassoulet

Musée du Catharism to learn the fascinating history of the Cathars,

Musée de Quercorb in Puivert for troubadour musical entertainment,

Guinot family winery for a tasting of regional sparkling wines, and stop at the gothic Abbaye Saint Hilaire famous for the world’s first sparkling wine.

Musée du Dessert dedicated to the history of Cévenol Huguenots and the Camisards,

Visit a chestnut farm with samplings of local specialties.

Visit settings in The Muse of Freedom, including the magical Castelbouc, the ancient menhirs of Les Bondons, the home of protagonist Jean Pierre Bondurant in medieval Genolhac, and make a stop at the intimidating Château du Portes.

Atelier Tuffery jean factory and boutique — first in France since 1892,

Meet with a local historian

Medieval gardens in Uzès.

The Bondurants are descendants of the Counts of Toulouse, Carcassonne, Beziers, and Foix. Along the way there will be talk about the intriguing question — were some Huguenots descendants of the Cathars? And you’ll be given the opportunity to suggest new settings and characters for Jules Larimore’s forthcoming books.

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