Travel with best selling author Patricia Sands on her “Memories” Tours

See what Patricia Sands has to say about her readers’ trips.

Why do you like travelling with your readers?

September 2024 will be my 9th trip with readers. The experience is satisfying on many levels. It is a pleasure to see readers excited to visit locations they have visited with characters in my novels. There are also always a few women on the tour who have plans to do some writing and they appreciate talking about an author’s journey with me. Traveling with readers also hopefully encourages them to share their experiences with others, to read more of my books and to share the information about my writing and our tours.

Why do your readers join you on these trips?

Readers often write to tell me my books carry them off to France. On the tour they tell us it is exciting to actually be there in person and often comment on something from one of the books when they know they are standing in the exact place they ready about.

What are some of the perks / advantages to travelling with you?

Readers appreciate my experience with and knowledge of the areas we are visiting. They feel they are getting insider information and enjoy sharing the passion for France we share on the tours.

Do the participants approach you for writer’s advice?

Yes, there are always a few women on the tour who are considering writing. I’m happy to share
my experience and any helpful information I can offer to them.

If YES, what kind of advice?

Generally, they are curious about the writing process and look for advice on the subject matter they have chosen. I am happy to direct them to excellent organizations and groups in which they will connect with other writers. Along with that, of course, I share my own personal experiences with writing and being published.

Do the participants ask you about your sources of inspiration?

Many do. When we are traveling in the places about which I write, they quickly can see the reasons I love to write about the south of France. Our conversations also indicate why I tell women’s stories.

Are the participants sources of inspiration? If so, how?

Not really. Although every person I meet might leave me with some ideas to include in a story. You never know!

How do you interact with them? How do you make the trip special for them?

We spend every day and evening together. I make certain I get to know each of them and make the connWe spend every day and evening together. I make certain I get to know each woman well and make the connection personal. We celebrate birthdays and encourage the women to get to know each other by sitting next to a new person on the bus or at dinner. We encourage them to make some plans with each other in spare time. Meeting these groups of women every year is a constant source of pleasure and encouraging the bonds they form makes each trip very special.

Do some of the participants join you on trips even if they haven’t read your books? If so, why?

Yes, some do as they respond to ads on other travel websites. However many join the tour from the link in the back of my books and from my newsletter, website, and social medial promotions.

Do you have a special moment or anecdote to share about your travels with readers?

These occur on a daily basis. Every year traveling with these groups is a memorable experience. Every tour has been a joy! I think the last evening of our tour with our special dinner and reminiscences is the most poignant. There are tears and laughter and such good feelings to see how very much each woman has gained from our time together.

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  • Strolling the seaside Promenade des Anglais in Nice and touring the colorful city
  • Meandering through the cobblestone streets of Saint Paul de Vence, filled with history, galleries and charming shops
  • Discovering the spectacular hilltop town of Eze and enjoying the spectacular gardens of Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
  • Exploring the ancient harbor town of Antibes, Patricia’s home away from home
  • Walking in Cézanne’s footsteps in Aix en Provence
  • Admiring  the  roman treasures, world-renowned ancient and modern architecture and the spirit of Van Gogh in Arles.
  • Touring the ancient Roman Arena in Nimes before savouring local products at the daily market and at an exceptional olive oil mill.
  • Enjoying a safari to observe the Camargue’s unique flora, fauna and rose-colored salt marshes
  • Experiencing market day in St Remy de Provence & the spectacular Carrières de Lumières in les Baux de Provence
  • Discovering a genuine Duché (duchy)  in Uzès and admiring the  Pont du Gard, UNESCO  heritage site and architectural wonder
  • Joining harvest time and tasting the wine

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