Travel with author Cheryl Alters Jamison on her “culinary” tours

Learn what Cheryl has to say about her travels with her food loving fans.

Why do you like travelling with your readers? Of if your first trip, why do you want to travel with your readers ?

I’ve been fortunate to travel to these destinations in France and Italy on many occasions on my own. I have hosted a half dozen tours with Absolutely Southern France and, prior to that, had a decade of experience leading culinary groups to other areas of southern France. I feel they’re some of the most beautiful, charming, and sensuous destinations in the world. Of course, they also have extraordinary flavors! I love sharing these exceptional destinations with readers and other guests. I love to see their pleasure and sense of discovery as a part of these insiders’ culinary tours.

Why do your readers join you on these trips?

They think (and I hope!) that I can give them an insiders’ perspective, since I have spent a great deal of time in these locales, back to when I was a college student. I’ve been writing about food and teaching cooking classes for decades now, so am experienced at the professional side of this. I have an accessible, friendly, down to earth style that meshes well with our local tour director, Absolutely Southern France’s Nancy McGee. I think we create a winning combination.

What are some of the perks / advantages to travelling with you?

Oh, definitely the food and wine! But there’s so much more. I think I set a relaxed upbeat tone for the week. If the trip is one with cooking classes, I try to give my guests the chance to problem solve, and really come to understand how to cook, rather than just follow a recipe. And afterward, participants can check in with me, more or less forever, for advice on food, cooking, and travel.

Do the participants approach you for writer’s advice?

No but I’m certainly open to talking with any participants about the writing process, or putting cookbooks together. Most of my guests tend to be people mid-career or beyond, so I don’t think many are looking to gain this as a new skill though. They’re probably looking for more time to relax than work more. 🙂

Do the participants ask you about your sources of inspiration?

Of course. I love the interactive process with the guests, and getting to see our destinations and activities with them through the excitement and sense of discovery in their eyes. Also, they come to these weeks with varying levels of cooking experience and interest, which inspires me to create or change up activities that appeal to all.

Are the participants sources of inspiration? If so, how?

The participants do often ask me how I fell into the culinary world and what inspired/inspires my writing and teaching. It truly can be anything, but often comes from experiences in foreign countries, sampling different styles of food preparation and combinations of spices and flavors than are most common to me. While I focus greatly on food, the architecture, the art, virtually everything cultural inspires me. I love this sense of discovery, and sharing it with the tour participants.

How do you interact with them? How do you make the trip special for them?

I’m a very active host, and participate in all activities, but try to be easy going about letting people make their own discoveries. In advance of these trips, I typically am in touch with participants by email, text, phone, and/or Zoom to give them a sense of what to expect, and find out what might especially appeal to them. That might be be something like connecting someone with special wine interest with one with one of our sommeliers or wine shop owners, or just pointing out where someone can shop to find items of interest to them.

Do some of the participants join you on trips even if they haven’t read your books? If so, why?

Certainly, and they’re most welcome. Having been fortunate enough to receive 4 James Beard Awards for my cookbooks, though, gives me credibility in the culinary world whether people actually have ever read anything I’ve written.

Do you have a special moment or anecdote to share about your travels with readers?

One of the most special moments is when we’re sitting down together around the table for a meal, especially after a few days, when the participants have bonded. The sense of community–of family–that develops is heart-warming, and gives us all such a sense of being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Cheryl would love to have you join her on one of her upcoming culinary trips.

Click here to grab your spot on her EXCITED ABOUT FOOD tour to PROVENCE, France JUNE 17 – 24, 2024

  • Experience two hands-on cooking workshops with Cheryl Alters Jamison
  • Play pétanque beneath plane trees with a glass of pastis at hand
  • Go on a truffle hunt followed by champagne and truffle treats
  • Craft your own lavender wand
  • Savor a picnic lunch and wine tasting in a family owned vineyard
  • Visit an artisanal family owned soap factory
  • Learn all about olive oil at an olive oil mill with tastings
  • Stroll in the chef’s garden and participate in culinary workshop with the starred chef
  • Immerse yourself in an audio-visual masterpiece sound and light show in cavernous quarries

Click here to grab your spot on her EXCITED ABOUT FOOD tour to the AMALFI COAST, Italy October 7 – 13, 2024

  • Learn how to make limoncello, the area’s famous liqueur
  • Indulge in  authentic lemon gelatos and other regional delights
  • Meet one of Italy’s best pastry chefs in Amalfi
  • Hands on mozzarella making experience with a renowned cheese master
  • Make your own colorful ceramic Positano dish to take home
  • Secret grandmother’s recipes  at a unique culinary experience in Sorrento.
  • Private boat tour at sunset  with a Prosecco toast and breathtaking view of the Amalfi coast
  • Make your own pasta from scratch
  • Guided tour of historical Naples

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