Those boots were made for walking … in Montpellier

two people walking wearing black boots and white sneakers, bicycle wheel, pavement

When I first arrived in Montpellier I was, well, awestruck. I’m a hiker but I swear I put in more miles exploring the town than scaling the Catskill mountains. Of course frequent wrong turns in the winding streets of the old town only added to the mileage! Should have brought my hiking boots! At least […]

Crazy about Christmas in Montpellier

A fountain lit with 3 statues , christmas tree and and a historic opera house in Montpellier Comedie Square

By guest contributor Patricia Ford Mad About Montpellier Imagine my delight when French friends in Montpellier invited me for Christmas! I just love the Christmas season in Montpellier – the buzz, the vibes, browsing the festive markets for one-of-a-kind gifts and gourmet items, a concert in one of the churches or concert halls. It’s impossible […]

Cheese Etiquette – Roquefort

cheese at a farmer's market in the south of France

Shortly after I arrived in France, I was invited as guest of honor at a dinner party for eight. I was flattered but also somewhat apprehensive as to the correct protocol. And so I dusted off my French etiquette book, which suggested simply following what the host does. It made perfect sense and worked well – […]

How mold found its way into the first Roquefort cheese

In response to our recent article on cheese etiquette, many readers have wondered just how mold from rye bread found its way into the first Roquefort cheese. Well let’s just say that the French are great lovers who also love their cheese. As one might suspect, therein lies a tale of great romance. Napoleon and […]