What’s on the menu in Sète?

Freshly baked octupus pie in an oven

The town of Sète’s motto? We’ll tielle you a tale of an octopus pie Once a modest lunch for poor fishermen, this golden crusted spicy octopus pie has evolved into one of Sète’s true gastronomic institutions. So much so that it is celebrated by an annual festival and depicted in works of art. It has […]

The Art of Eating an Oyster

White wine picpoul de pinet, oysters and lemon

Some Pearls of Wisdom Oyster farming is a thriving part of the culture and economy of the Étang de Thau (the Thau Lagoon between Sète and Bouzigues) in the Languedoc Roussillon and the picturesque town of Bouzigues produces the most sought-after oysters in Europe. That is because, due to the higher density of salt in […]

How mold found its way into the first Roquefort cheese

In response to our recent article on cheese etiquette, many readers have wondered just how mold from rye bread found its way into the first Roquefort cheese. Well let’s just say that the French are great lovers who also love their cheese. As one might suspect, therein lies a tale of great romance. Napoleon and […]

Sea Urchins: Facts, Fiction and How To Eat Them!

A sea urchin opened with orange flesh on a wooden pole by a lagoon

SEA URCHINS: A REVELATION What is it that makes one fall in love with the south of France? Is it the lifestyle, climate, food, wine…? For me it was all of the above – plus my future husband, a young medical student. Thirty years ago, rather than return home to Canada after a one-year work […]