Interesting, fun, informative

My husband and I did the Art Scene Experience tour in Séte with Debra as our guide. We were fortunate to visit 6 different studios as part of the experience. Each of the artists was unique in their techniques and mediums. I won’t go into detail because I can’t do them justice and also the studios may not be the same on other tours. We didn’t buy any art on the tour. You are not obligated to, but if you decide to do this tour, you’ll certainly find things you’ll want to buy so be sure to take your credit card. Debra did a great job translating when necessary and she gave us some great tips about Séte festivals, of which there are many. The artists were welcoming and open. They all let us take photos, although some asked us not to post them online which is understandable. If you’re in Séte, be sure to sign up for this experience. You will be glad you did!