Time to celebrate!


It’s amazing to think that ten years ago our first booking was a single three-hour gourmet walking tour for a party of four. Today Absolutely Southern France offers a full menu of specialised tours (which I’m proud to add have garnered a number of prestigious awards). But the celebration is not just about us! We owe our success – and a big thank you – to our clients for their loyalty and support. They have counted on us to provide exceptional services and with a dedicated team of experts we will not let them down.  I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey towards this milestone – and learned a lot along the way.

Nancy McGee

Above all, I’ve enjoyed meeting so many interesting people, including a few celebrities. What luck to meet acclaimed chef Cheryl Jamison, who cooks up ways to regale clients on our Excited About Food Tour!

woman holding a pie and a bouquet of lavender
Excited about Food

Bestselling author Patricia Sands and Barefoot Blogger Deborah Bine always ensure that South of France Memories Tour is unforgettable. We leave it to wine producers and a host of small vineyards we have partnered with to educate our palates with world-class wines – and to our specially selected restaurateurs to complete a match made in heaven. I feel I’ve achieved my goal when I see how much clients love it here. Many return time after time – like the American gentleman who fell in love with Sète on our food tour   and has been returning every year since.

The Memories tour “Dream Team” : Patricia Sands, Nancy McGee, Deborah Bine

I’ll admit it’s been a bumpy journey over the past year with next to no travel. But it’s said that every dark cloud has a silver lining, in this case permitting us to reflect, redesign and readjust at the dawn of what I’m convinced will be a surge back to travel. And so we are celebrating with a freshly designed website and an exciting menu of new tours and activities ranging from the glitz of the French Riviera to Corsica’s rugged landscapes to gourmet, cultural and French fashion shopping experiences, all in the bright Mediterranean sunshine. Safety First is our motto and that is why I have been  personally meeting  with local service providers to ensure that all sanitary regulations are met. 

Nancy in Provence

People often ask how I see the future of travel and of Absolutely Southern France. I wish I were clairvoyant! As far as Absolutely Southern France is concerned, I am focused on constantly adapting my services to current needs and trends. I have worked with so many talented people and profited from their input that I feel partnerships with travel agencies and tour operators  is a good way to go. Looking in my crystal ball I predict a brighter – and better – future for travel. Now that’s something else worth celebrating. Time to open the Champagne – here’s to you!

absolutely ten years with balloons and gift boxes