Travel with best selling author Steena Holmes on her “Sweet” Tours

Why do you like travelling with your readers?

I love to create personable experiences with my readers and build lasting relationships with them.

Why do your readers join you on these trips?

My readers love to travel, but not everyone enjoys solo traveling. Those who join me on my Sweet Tours come for the friendships they know they will create, for the experiences they know they will share and because not only do we share the love of books, but also for sweets! What’s better than to indulge in those sweets than with someone else who understands what it’s like to enjoy a freshly baked pain au Chocolat or go on a chocolate tour and sample all the best chocolates from the best chocolatiers and find one that is your favorite?

What are some of the perks / advantages to travelling with you?

Not only do my readers get special treats from me at the beginning of each tour, they also receive copies of my latest novel before it’s released. On every tour, those who join me also help me with an upcoming book by creating characters for the story and moments to happen within the scenes. It’s one more way I can help not only personalize a story for my readers but create a lasting memory for them – when they read that book, they’ll recognize their character and events that happened.

Do the participants approach you for writer’s advice?


If YES, what kind of advice?

They like to ask about writing strategies, how to start, what the next steps are after they’ve written a book, how to publish etc. I remember what it was like when I started writing my first book and I feel honoured to be there, helping them along their journey.

Are the participants sources of inspiration? If so, how?

Absolutely! Not only do they help me create characters for upcoming books, but sometimes they become a character themselves (with some changes and their permission – of course!).

How do you interact with them? How do you make the trip special for them?

When readers join me on my Sweet Tours, it’s often because coming to that specific location has always been a dream of theirs. Knowing this, I try my best to make it as special as possible – and that’s by being in the moment with them, sharing the experiences, asking the questions and making sure they have lasting photo memories of the trip.

Do some of the participants join you on trips even if they haven’t read your books? If so, why?

I would say 75% of those who join me are new readers – meaning, I’m a new-to-them-author, but once they hear about the trip, they will pick up one of my books to see if I’m an author they’d want to connect with. I love hearing about the books they read after they sign up for my Sweet Tour, which ones they loved the most and which ones surprised them the most.

Do you have a special moment or anecdote to share about your travels with readers?

So many moments…but the one that stands out to me during my last Sweet Christmas in Paris tour is the moment we met French Royalty at Vaux Le Vicomte. We were learning the art of French dining when the Count walked in. Sharing a glass of champagne with him, hearing about his passion for his ‘castle’ and the history behind it – that is something everyone in the group will always remember!

Do the participants ask you about your sources of inspiration?

All the time!

Steena would love to have you join her on one of her trips!

Click here to grab your spot for the Sweet tour of the Amalfi coast, Italy May 26 – June 1, 2024

  • Learn how to make limoncello, the area’s famous liqueur
  • Indulge in  authentic lemon gelatos and other regional delights.
  • Meet one of Italy’s best pastry chefs in Amalfi.
  • Experience a hands on mozzarella making experience with a renowned cheese master.
  • Make your own colorful ceramic Positano dish to take home.
  • Enjoy a  private boat tour at sunset  with a Prosecco toast and breathtaking view of the Amalfi coast.
  • Go on a guided tour of the exceptional archaeological site of Pompeii.
  • Make your own pasta from scratch.
  • Discover  Naples with a sweet twist.

Click here to grab your spot for the Sweet tour of Paris, France December 9 – 16, 2024

  • Travel with New York Times & USA Today best selling author Steena Holmes on her special Christmas trip to Paris and Strasbourg
  • Learn how to host a French dinner party  in the dining hall of a Chateau with champagne and macarons bien sur !
  • Join a quest for the best mulled wine, French onion soup, crepes and grilled chestnuts at  three Christmas markets in Paris
  • Take a day trip to the French capital of Christmas markets : Strasbourg
  • Take part in a hands-on cooking workshop to make delicious desserts in Montmartre
  • Gaze at the festive Galleries Lafayette window display and their giant Christmas tree
  • Capture images of the Eiffel tower and its Christmas village
  • Watch dazzling performances at the Moulin Rouge cabaret
  • Meander through the cobblestone streets of Paris while tasting the most delicious chocolates, macarons and hot cocoa.

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